Huawei unveiled a new mobile phone brand concept

15:00 pm local time , at the official opening of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on the eve of 2013 , Huawei Device has released a new brand concept : Make it Possible ( Chinese name ” row Jian Yan” ) . The brand concept will become the core proposition of Huawei ‘s consumer business group to communicate with consumers around the world , under this concept, establish Huawei Terminal emotional association between consumers and ultimately build a consumer favorite Huawei Terminal and follow the brand.

It is understood that at last year’s Mobile World Congress , Huawei Ascend product family name published and launched a variety of Ascend series flagship product. Huawei terminal chief marketing officer Shao Yang said , “This year at the same time , we have given a whole new meaning Ascend that Make it Possible ( rows practice words ) , it is not only the brand concept of Huawei terminal, but also hundreds of millions of consumers desire has spiritual power . ”

Huawei Terminal brand concept in the conference site , a suspension of solid heavy metal cube attracted the attention of the audience participants . According to Huawei Terminal F, Ying Yan , director of the brand , which is used in ” real intent ” of contemporary art forms , interpretation Make it Possible connotation of the brand . This is by far the world’s largest art installations using the same technology , Huawei to symbolize the strength to lead the creative and technological innovation .

Huawei terminal will spread target audience is defined as the ideal activists that have vision challenger , proactive, have a dream to pursue , convinced that dreams can be achieved through the efforts of a group of people . Huawei Terminal goal is to bring consumers the latest technology , hoping the new technology that everyone can enjoy .
In terms of products , Huawei terminal will adhere to quality strategy to differentiate innovation , breaking the seemingly impossible technical limit to the line together with the global consumer practice words and realize their dreams. Concrete implementation on a mobile phone product line that is the ultimate technological D series , P series available to the ultimate extreme fashion , G series extreme cost and Y series . In short , Huawei terminal will strive to provide consumers with the world’s best products.

At the same time , Huawei has released a whole new generation flagship smartphone Ascend P2. As the newest member of the Huawei Ascend P series , Ascend P2 inherited the P series design , the use of non- boundary flow design sense , it supports full LTE Cat 4 technology , the maximum downlink speed of 150Mbps, with a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, support NFC.

Huawei Device , said after Make it Possible ( rows practice words ) brand concept release , will spread to the core of digital media in the ongoing global branding .

Nokia launched a new smart phone in the end of last year

Free open source policy benefit on the Android smart system products on the mobile phone market today can be described as varied, so many consumers choose a cell phone in the local sea becomes particularly difficult everbuying . Although routine buy mobile phones is a lot, but a set of eternal, consumer word-of-mouth, the product is good, look at the reviews of the buyers know.

Nokia 920 Nokia late last year launched a new smartphone, first of all it is equipped with a brand-new Windows Phone 8 intelligent systems, followed by the Nokia 920 is also equipped with the new super-sensitive touch screen technology, Again Nokia 920 also has a brand new the second generation PureView camera technology.

Nokia 920 uses a simple candy bar shape, the bottom of the fuselage placed three touch buttons, seamless whole appearance looks very stylish and avant-garde.The machine’s screen is a 4.5-inch multi-touch screen, and has a top level resolution of 1280×768 pixels, impressive picture performance capabilities, built a 8.7 million pixel camera, supports optical image stabilization feature, powered by Windows Phone 8 intelligent system is smooth and simple operating experience.

Before the most well-known in the Nokia N series Symbian system, but with Nokia to join Microsoft’s Windows Phone system, the Lumia series to become its flagship product line.Camera the year before last and last year launched the Nokia 800 and Nokia 900.

Long ago, the Nokia 920 all hope from, although the fuselage with the Nokia 800, Nokia 900 not changed, but its screen size and screen resolution has improved the Super screen induction technology and PureView of shooting techniques is its housekeeping skills. Regardless how to change the market, Nokia still retains its special status. Even if the amount of smart phones, we have to choose their own smart phones. Buy the phone everbuying review , be sure to know more about, so you can buy a better phone.

The HTC Wildfire – An Impressively Stylish Smartphone

Renowned Smartphone giant HTC recently released one of their “friendliest smartphones” a quote taken from a promotional video for the handset. The HTC Wildfire supplies an array of impressive functions and specifications for instance a highly effective 5 MP camera, super fast Wi-Fi world-wide-web browsing at the same time as the impressive v2.1 of your Android OS; it’s simple to see the appeal of this superbly designed phone.
Super rapid web access is provided by each 3G coverage, where an HSDPA connection is utilised, at the same time as Wi-Fi exactly where offered. The latter relies around the signals provided by wireless world wide web routers, the signals from which are utilised by the telephone to make broadband speeds of world-wide-web browsing. GPRS and EDGE are both provided in class 10 versions to be able to offer connections to cellular networks. Many various tasks is often carried out thanks to the capability to connect to other hardware devices via Bluetooth and micro USB connections. These tasks involve items for instance backing up make contact with info and transferring media files.

Budding photographers also as people that prefer to take spontaneous snapshots will like the impressive 5MP digital ZOPO ZP810 camera. This great piece of hardware also boasts the capability to shoot video footage, and comes using a number of image enhancing features straight out with the box. The generously sized 3.2 inch screen tends to make for a excellent method to view your photographical handiwork and video, in excellent clarity and detail. The ability to shoot video footage as an alternative method of image capture is another impressive attribute on the camera.

The 3.2 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen is generous in proportions and tends to make for an interactive and dynamic strategy to navigate the HTC Sense UI which incorporates FriendStream, an innovative way of staying up to date with your contacts through several unique formats but all in 1 place. The screen utilises a pixel layout of 240x 320, resulting in awesome clarity and show of on screen imagery, together with the capability to show as much as 16M colours.

The HTC Wildfire is out there in a array of various colour schemes which includes black, white, red and brown. Consequently there is certain to be a colour variant to suit the taste of most users, even by far the most demanding style conscious customers. The look with the handset is a lot more compact than quite a few other smartphones, having a rounded, soft appearance due to the shaping from the corners. It is also completed within a soft touch material giving it a luxurious touch.

To shop music and video files, a micro SD card slot is offered as well as the typical internal memory. It might be installed using a memory card of up to 32GB, so a lot of storage is offered.

As a result of its impressive technology and aesthetic appeal, the HTC Wildfire is a Smartphone for everyone. And because of some very reasonably priced offers from now absolutely everyone can practical experience smartphones the way they are meant to become.

After the era of smart phones has come

Mobile technology so that we once considered quite boring equipment back to life, the watch is one example. A year ago, when you can a smart phone from his pocket and read time information on its bright screen everbuying review , who needs to buy a watch it? However, this concept may soon change. In areas with high penetration of smart mobile devices in the United States, Europe and Asia, consumers may conclude that they have the most intelligent portable tablet is no longer used for wireless communication equipment, but can be worn almost without holding grip watches or glasses.

Once people realized that as long glance at the wrist can view the time, e-mail, social media notice, as well as heart rate and other information, they will be too much trouble to find the pocket phone. If the iWatch Google glasses designers be able to find a way to seamlessly address headphone and microphone problems, these devices can be installed on the SIM card, who knows what we also need is now known as the kind of smart phone do?

The smartphone may be cheaper “stupid screen replaced, these screens can be via WiFi or Bluetooth wearable device more powerful processing capability connected. If you can wear the device just like the smartphone can indeed repeat the mistake of bulky PC, which also occurred in recent years. As mobile devices become more powerful, “after the era of smart phones has come, the people’s way of life will be changed.

The popularity of smart phones to promote the growth of the smartphone market, and the market requirements for higher specification products is also increasing, including screen size, resolution and battery life. Smart phones and tablet PCs, high-performance display resolution up to 300 pixels / inch – Apple phone iPhone 5 Retina display is a good example; This feature thanks to the conductive backplane has a high the electron mobility, and the conductive backplane is derived from an amorphous silicon everbuying reviews . Therefore, the smart phone era has brought great change to our lives.

The smart phone is more akin to a computer

Relative to the feature phones everbuying reviews , smart phones more akin to a computer, you need to provide the computing resources of a large number of applications. This is bound to significantly enhance the performance requirements smartphone. The quad-core mobile phone is not only higher than the dual-core processing power, better able to achieve multi-tasking, fast game so difficult action.


Using good energy-saving technology, quad-core chip power consumption will be reduced, thus reducing battery consumption.2013 spring, the mobile phone market, “nuclear” intensified: dual-core mobile phone debut not long, quad-core phone they occupy in the Yangtze River superseding the trend trend top.


On the one hand, the veteran foreign mobile phone manufacturers competing to seize the quad-core “core” machine, in order to meet user performance.MIIT report shows, Samsung, Nidia, Qualcomm, MTK the mainstream chip manufacturers have launched a quad-core chip, “faster” and “fastest” has become the main selling point of a lot of quad-core phone.

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In 2012, Samsung has the two most heavy impact on the industry’s products, a Samsung I9300, another Samsung GALAXY Noye II. This machine is the successor of the Samsung GALAXY Note (Samsung I9220), as the second generation of cross-border smart phone, it is equipped with a large 5.5 inches touch screen, the resolution also still maintain the top level of 1280×720 pixels, showing the effect of the fine is beyond doubt, processor upgrade to 1.6GHz quad-core.

Samsung Note II N7100 the body block header, because the machine’s screen size of 5.5 inches, fine in order to ensure that the screen display, it also has a high standard of 1280×720 pixel resolution, wide fine screen display effect. Harde side, the aircraft is equipped with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor clocked with 2GB RAM memory everbuying , in addition to the aircraft is also equipped with the Android smart system, and supports WCDMA high-speed 3G networks.

Cellular phone Lookup – Discover Folks By Phone Number And Get Peace of mind

Experiencing mobile phone calls coming from some sort of unfamiliar caller may be frustrating – particularly when it is continually taking place. The good issue is, you could come across tactics to search for the truth to locate folks by telephone quantity.

Will there ever be an effective technique to figure out exactly who is the owner of a telephone number, be it a land-line or even a cellular telephone? Indeed, there is certainly. The reality is, it’s particularly uncomplicated too as economical. That you are in a position to consistently attempt the cost-free resolution making use of a search engine similar to Google,Ask, Bing and Yahoo, on the other hand with uncommon exceptions, an individual’s lookup aren’t going to become profitable.

1st of all we should really kill off a common misconception: That you are unable to execute a reverse cellular phone quantity lookup for free. The cellphone services ( including Sprint/T-Mobile/AT&T/Verizon – just about all ) purely have nothing at all to gain giving these records out. Even so, they also have no problem retailing this information to on-line reverse look up organizations which subsequently enable you to get the info you will need, in return for a small service charge.
Up to Ipad Mini Cases Wholesale last year, completing an individual reverse mobile phone quantity lookup could possibly run as high as forty five dollars. Caused by intense level of competition, I’m content to tell you the fact that the price-point has now been recently sent completely into a everbuying review reasonably priced 10 us dollars ( normally ).
Choose a reliable web reverse mobile phone directory site that is definitely user friendly. Seek out reverse mobile phone internet directories which basically currently have 1 particular field for you to fill out, that could be the spot that the cell phone quantity belonging to the man or woman you’re hunting for goes. Click on the search button to get the results. This lookup gives you partial data for any number you are interested in ( for free ), to get the complete information ( full name, home address, previous addresses,… ) you will need to pay the service fee.
The details that you will get belonging to the reverse cellphone lookup is incredibly trustworthy, and it’s arranged in a really easy to read format to make sure that you will not waste too much time in deciphering it.
In other words, carrying out some reverse mobile phone search this coming year and beyond can be a incredibly cost-effective, hassle-free and secure strategy to uncover the information a person undoubtedly needs, at the same time it is absolutely a tiny price to pay to understand who has been calling.

Android-based customized development

Either worldwide or only in China everbuying , Google’s Android smartphone operating system has occupied a dominant position. 2008, was led by Nokia’s smartphone operating system Symbian (Symbian) in the global market sales up to 52%, and to the third quarter of 2012, the share of Saipan system, leaving only 2.6%, the basic stage of history .


Apple’s iOS operating system market share in the third quarter of 2012 was 13.9%. Google’s Android system in the global market share in the third quarter of 2012 has been as high as 72.4%, and the success of its scale even beyond the most glorious period in Saipan. Currently Google, Apple accounted for obvious advantages, formed a huge ecosystem, leading domestic independent operating system, application and harde ecosystem will face enormous obstacles.


With the popularity of smartphones in the global mobile phone operating system needs, there will be many opportunities for new entrants, but the most important is to get recognized by consumers. The primary goal of most mobile phone manufacturers to expand market share, to focus more on the research and development of mobile phone R D rather than system so ripe Andrews became the natural choice. Made mobile phones almost all use the Android system, or Android-based customized development.


In contrast, Apple’s iOS system targeting high-end, closed to the outside; Microsoft systems less expensive application softe. Andrews most criticized is hidden leaks. Due to system openness, many softe can directly read the user’s contacts, location, SMS, and other private information, great risks to the security of user information. Phone patent is very frequent, is also facing pressure from the other camp, mobile phone manufacturer hopes the fate of an operating system everbuying review , the field of mobile phone operating system will face a reshuffle.

Smartphones support wifi Internet access

Now, more and more smart phones support wifi Internet access everbuying review . Wifi wireless LAN signal penetrating power is weak, unable to achieve continuous coverage, sometimes, in the case of the signal is interrupted while the user’s knowledge, the phone will automatically switch to the 2G or 3G network, thus causing users into thinking that the phone is in use wifi network, but the Internet traffic costs.

, In order to avoid the smart phone terminal softe automatically connects to access the network, the network settings should shut down the Internet connection and mobile softe links, minimize mobile terminal softe is updated automatically generate traffic without using GPRS. With the popularity of smart phones, no matter where, the first thing the child is first took out his cell phone search WiFi (wireless network), even say hello to become your home wifi password how much?

Security experts suggest, do not easily I believe that the so-called crack WiFi softe, not only will not bring convenience, but may bring damage to property.Recent studies have shown that, to sleep eight hours a day, the average person a day to view the phone 150 times and averaged 6.5 minutes a phone. the iFi addiction is the integrated mobile phone addiction and network addiction.

WiFi extensive set will be more easy to people suffering from addiction, especially young people, do not place undue reliance on network communication, virtual life instead and people exchanges between is a very terrible thing, and the best use of mobile phones and computer controlled.Phone was closer, but now more and found that the phone let us farther and farther away.

Wireless WiFi and wired broadband, smart phones are also equivalent to a computer. Many people are ae that there is a piece of softe called the administrator softe through the unit’s cable broadband Internet chat information, bank account information, such as the network administrator for the unit by using an administrator softe can intercept. Similarly, whether to use a computer, iPad or mobile phone, as long as the Internet via WiFi, is to control this computer WiFi devices intercepted everbuying reviews . The smart phone has wifi functionality, but we want the right to protect their privacy.

This watch phone came into being

Life due to certain work everbuying reviews crowd is not very convenient to carry mobile phones, mobile phones and watches production equipment manufacturers to jointly develop new mobile phone like a watch that can be worn on the wrist. This watch phone came into being.

First watch phone, by South Korea’s Samsung in early 2001, the earliest developed a wristwatch-style mobile phone SPH-W10. Caused a sensation at that time, but the price is higher.When it was regarded as the smallest and lightest wireless terminal, it weighs only 50g, the size of 72 × 52 × 22mm. Mainly to the success of the emergence of innovative ultra-small duplexer (duplexer) makes SPH-W10. Can say that it is a major breakthrough in the field of wireless communications.

The SPH-W10 phone’s standby time is 80 hours, talk time is 90 minutes. Also has voice dialing, and 250 phone numbers stored function, headset interface and vibrating alert function.It should be replaced by mobile phones is the time function of the watch, rather than watch the wear material, because the watch is no longer a time of record tools, transformed into a status symbol. However, some of the things to pay attention to when using the watch phone.

Every boot after the first period of the system, there will be time to prepare camera. During this time, the system is busy, do not carry out other operations. In the camera mode, press and hold the button to shut down, the system will automatically save the current files. Please ensure that the button long enough time  until the indicator goes off.Phone watch has been a lot of people to comment, but its advantages and disadvantages but it varies from person to person.

Phone Watch full functionality of the phone, but it’s a very short standby time, the buttons and the screen is very small. This could bring a lot of inconvenience to some people. But some people do not like the big screen phone, mobile phone watch brought them a lot of convenience. Electronic products on the market, with the change in the needs of people. As for the phone watch in what position on the market, still depends on its development everbuying. I believe there will be more electronic products for us to choose.

Among the mobile phone using Google Android system

The iPhone for smartphone everbuying , telecom operators, consumer data services in order to attract users and encourage smart phones, most of them take the subsidy policy. While led by the nose by mobile phone manufacturers, telecom operators can only watch mobile phone manufacturers make a left most cell phone sales revenue, while they taste the bitter fruit of falling profits brought about by high subsidies alone.


South Korea’s Samsung Electronics in mobile phones using Google Android system, which has sold in the first place. Samsung Andrews handset shipments last year, nearly two hundred million more than the second largest Andrews handset manufacturers. Its strength is growing, at the same time enhance the Google mobile advertising revenue, but also led to concern within the Internet company.

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Google internal concerns about Samsung has been in the public discussion. In which many Android handset manufacturers, Samsung occupy a dominant position, it is likely to become a threat.With the rapid spread of the smart phone, its security has also been more and more attention, involving more phone users’ privacy, for the PC, phone privacy protection needs and not diminished .


Assortment of smartphones in the mobile phone market, in fact, are mobile terminal equipment, its core technology is embodied in a powerful phone system. Undoubtedly the highest number of Google’s Android system, powerful Android system there are more security holes, so that the fragile phone security system is sometimes difficult to resist the virus or hacker intrusion.

Has always online identity, location, and electronic payment capabilities of smart phones, its security is a complex and serious than the PC era. The operating system is the core of the smart phone. The reason why smartphones “smart” is its own independent operating system, softe, games and other services provided by the program can be self-installation by the user, and continue to expand the phone functions everbuying review , and can access the phone through the mobile communication network.